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Playing 100 years of top 40 hits, classic commercials, classic radio jingles, TV theme songs and more.

1909_Tyee_-_His_Master's_Voice 1045TheVault.com is where the music of the twentieth century lives today. Playing the top hits from 1900 to 1999 as-well-as classic commercials, radio jingles, TV theme songs, sound bites, novelty songs and lots more. This is the future of radio NOW! With AM & FM radio on the way out, be a part of the new wave of radio listening… on the internet! Help SAVE A CENTURY OF MUSIC. Support this website with whatever amount you feel it’s worth and hear ten decades of music that is worth saving! It costs nothing for anyone to listen but your support will help guarantee a century of music will be saved.

“Your adoption papers please.”

The Twentieth Century Soundtrack presents the memorable music from Walt Disney Movies, TV Shows and Theme Parks!


Jack Webb on Phone

“Just the hits, mam.”
Please provide any suggestions as to specials (Disney music, wacky songs, etc…) or music you’re not hearing that you would like to hear from the 20th Century Soundtrack in the comment section below this post. Remember, it must have charted in the Top 40 to make the 20th Century Soundtrack but all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, Steve

The Top 40 Hits of 100 Years: 1900 to 1999, with emphasis on the baby boomer years, 1955 to 1979. Crank it up!

kfrc big 610 1966CKLW LOGO  

Another part of the vast collection includes those great radio station jingles from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s from all over the United States and beyond, in cities big and small. You may even hear a jingle from a station you used to listen to!

In addition to the hits of 100 years, you’ll hear inspirational music from the 20th century’s popular artists.



Laugh and sing along to the fun novelty songs throughout the day!


Don’t touch that dial!

Listen for T V memories from the 20th century at ten minutes past the hour every hour.

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